We help teachers inspire with robotics!

By providing the tools and lesson plans necessary to empower students and meet curriculum demands.

“We love that Bugbox works alongside our teachers to create hands-on learning experiences that mirror real-world situations”

Happy students

Apply robotics to solve real-world problems

St Mary of the Cross
St Lawrence
The Grange
Laveton College

"I loved how I could control Dot the robot moving backwards and forwards. I also made Dot a coat. I want to learn more about robots."

"The Bugbox design is really amazing. I would like to have my own. Dylan taught us how to start coding."

“Instead of only seeing the robots on the screen, we also got to interact with in real life. I like how Polly moves and you can see the components inside her.”

"I love fiddling with all the wires that made Dot spin, go forward and reverse."

Helping teachers with tech curriculum

Curriculum-aligned lessons

Minimise your planning time while ensuring students consistently achieve learning benchmarks.
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Benefit 2

Easy to use

We’ve made the technology simple so you can focus on inspiring your students to succeed.

Works with your budget

Frustrated by costly tech? Our classroom kit comes with enough robots so your students can pair up for an immersive, hands-on technology experience.
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Benefit 4

Victoria-based support

Bugbox is founded in Melbourne and we’re always here to help teachers provide the best learning experiences for their students.

Upgrade ready

Our robots come with sensor expansion built-in, for when your students are ready.
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The right solution for your classroom

Robot Set 15
includes GST
Enough robots for student pairs to immerse in hands-on learning
15 "Dotty" Robots
Code Playground App.
2 x Curriculum Lessons
30min Onboarding
Australian Support
Lesson Plan
includes GST
Curriculum-aligned lesson plans! All you need for your classroom
Real-world scenarios
Emerging applications
Designed to engage
Australian Support
VIC Incursion
includes GST
Prepare for excitement as we bring the robots and activities
Use of 15 "Dotty" Robots
Code Playground App.
Pedagogy Activities
Australian Support
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What do you want to know about Bugbox?

How is Bugbox better than other robotics learning kits?

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Our products and services have come about from working closely with teachers and students in the classroom to truly understand their goals. We love being the newcomer, helping teachers bring emerging technology into their classroom with curriculum-aligned lesson plans, 3D-printed robots and incursions that enables student pairs to get close and interact with technology unlike with our more expensive competitors.

How steep is the learning curve for teachers?

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We understand your time pressure! As such we provide a 30min onboarding call with every robotic kit purchased to get you familiar with the Bugbox technology. We also include 2 curriculum-align lessons so you can get going asap. In case you have questions, we're an Australian company so send us an email or give us a call.

What do the students get from the Bugbox activities?

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We want to bring decades of global engineering experience to help you inspire your students about possible careers of the future. We do this with application-based lessons, where students are empowered to use their creativity to solve real-world problems. Along the way, they also develop their communications skills, resilience and gain an understand for the cross-discipline nature of technology. It's not only for the smart kids who are good maths!

Can Bugbox help teachers with lesson planning?

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Yes! We have curriculum-aligned lesson plans on our Learn page and are publishing more. Check back often to see new lessons. Let us know if you have an idea for a lesson.

What hardware/software requirements?

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All you need is a chromebook with internet connection and a spare USB-A port. No need for time consuming set up!


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