We help teachers inspire with robotics!

“We love that Bugbox works alongside our teachers to create hands-on learning experiences that mirror real-world situations”

Happy students

500+ primary school students have loved our lessons

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"I loved how I could control Dot the robot moving backwards and forwards. I also made Dot a coat. I want to learn more about robots."

"The Bugbox design is really amazing. I would like to have my own. Dylan taught us how to start coding."

“Instead of only seeing the robots on the screen, we also got to interact with in real life. I like how Polly moves and you can see the components inside her.”

"I love fiddling with all the wires that made Dot spin, go forward and reverse."

Bugbox simplifies lesson planning for teachers to inspire the next generation!

  • Make STEM education a simple experience!
  • Bugbox lessons are designed for you to meet curriculum requirements.
  • We specialise in content to engage students with diverse interests.
We bring the bots
  • Students can get close to the hardware and build their own robot with our affordable 15 robot class set.
No hassles
  • Forget complex setup and focus on student learning with our browser-based coding.
Customised learning
  • You have the ideas! We can work with you to bring them to life.

Realise your vision in 3 simple steps

Goal setting
Tailor proposal
Engaged students


How steep is the learning curve for teachers?

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Your success is our goal! We provide onboarding training and most new teachers gain confidence within 20 minutes. The technology is made simple. We instead emphasise the application of such technology to prepare students for the economy they will step into as valuable members of the future workforce.

What hardware/software requirements?

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All you need is a computer with internet connection and a spare USB port. We will take care of the rest!

What learning objectives does Bugbox aim to achieve?

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We aim to develop problem-solving skills and a resilience mindset in students while empowering their creativity to apply robotics and coding in real-world applications. This is achieved with students building their own robots and practice structured-thinking in Bugbox Code Playground Chrome-based visual coding app.

How does Bugbox cater to different grade levels and student abilities?

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We have pre-designed activities suitable for primary school students from Grade 3 to Grade 6. Our program is scaffolded to gradually introduce concepts and challenges, ensuring that students can progress at their own pace. Talk to us about creating a customised a learning experience to better align with your overall STEM program.

Does Bugbox promote collaboration and problem-solving skills?

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Absolutely! Collaboration and problem-solving skills are at the core of the Bugbox experience. With us, students work in pairs to maximise hands-on experimentation with their robot. We raise awareness of emerging real-world use of advanced robotics and challenge the students to creatively think of their own robotic use cases.

Are there curriculum resources and lesson plans available?

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Yes! We have core lesson plans available to teach foundational knowledge designed for primary school students. We also love to create customised lesson plans to truly engage with your students. Talk to us and see what we can do together!

Does Bugbox provide progress tracking or assessment capabilities?

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Of course! We can create specific assessments to suit your need.


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